Cooling Solutions

We understand that sometimes stock needs to be delivered on a weekend or out of normal delivery hours or perhaps a cool room has broken down. Our fleet is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Correct storage at a constant temperature is the key to success for each temperature-sensitive product that’s why Direct 1 has the right solution for you: CoolFreez Box.

Special transport boxes, made of rotationally molded polyethylene, characterized by a body extremely robust and almost insensitive to external violence, such as shocks or falls. Their resistance has been proven through drop test. Transport systems are corrosion resistant.

The irrefutable proof of compliance with the cold chain prescribed during transport and monitoring corresponding continuous recording and documentation of temperature profiles and values.
during the transport process can be guaranteed with optional datalogger systems.

MT transport systems guarantee the security of blood samples during transport: from the location of the donation to the bankblood and establishment of health, where the blood is kept until the next use.

Gross capacity – approx. 106 liters (93 l for refrigeration / deep-freezing, 13 l chilled/ambient)
Voltage – 12 / 24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC
Insolation – polyurethane full-foam insolation

Frigo box-type containers Dometic Medical Systems respond to European safety standards and are specifically designed for the storage of blood products and products sensitive to temperature. All refrigerators and freezers respond to the standards and guidelines, they have been tested and have GS CE approval. The quality of our products is attested by a certificate and DIN ISO 90010

System – fully hermetic Danfoss BD50F compressor with integrated control
electronics, low voltage protection adjustable for consumer and
starter battery using a slide switch, electronic fuse / automatic reverse
pole protection, dynamically ventilated fin condenser, aluminium
rollbond evaporator

Test marks CE, TÜV / GS, e-approval according 2006 / 28 / EC
(Automotive / EMC Directive)

• Intelligent, automatic turbo cooler
• 3-stage battery monitor, set using the digital display
• 4-digit digital display
• Display readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Display of current interior temperature
• Memory function saves the last setting


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